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August – A new start

Does this sound familiar? You start something new but it just won’t work. You put all your enthusiasm into it, but after a few days your enthusiasm goes in to resistance and you stop.

This was roughly how it went for me when I first started running. After work I immediately put on my sports clothes, earphones, the app ‘Running with Evy’ and go! On the way I was told that I was doing well and that I was already halfway through and had to hold on for a while. As I was running more often, the training also became longer and there was no break (walking) in between. Despite Evy’s encouragement, I still managed to lose my enthusiasm and from running four times a week it went to zero.

After a few weeks I told this to my friends – who were also involved in running – and they talked about a fun and accessible running competition. Naturally, the question was asked “will you participate?”. Because running gave me a good feeling, I said yes and started my running laps again with fresh courage. I noticed that – now that I had a goal in mind – running was much easier for me. Of course I also had some bad days but I persevered. In the meantime, I also had a WhatsApp group with my friends in which we shared our experiences. Having a goal in mind, a group where you can share experiences was stimulating for me and improved my mindset. It helped me to continue running.

Now I hear you thinking, “why are you talking about running when wego.yoga is about yoga?” Well, that’s it. During the intense weeks that I followed the so-called ‘yoga teacher training’ in Rishikesh, India, I noticed again that when I was with like-minded people it was much easier to keep up and focussed. My body and mindset also changed in a positive way, which gave me a boost as well.

After my return it was not always easy for me to do yoga every day. Creating a regular rhythm – getting up at the same time every morning, drinking a glass of water and immediately putting on my yoga clothes – has helped me enormously. I now always start the day with yoga so that I can make a fresh start and that I have had my conscious movement – ​​and relaxation.

Do you recognize this too? Hopefully I was able to inspire you and show you that making a new start is even easier when you have people around you who support you.



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