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My name is Patricia Knook, a yoga enthusiast and I live in the Beemster. I have always liked being on the go. Whether it’s quickly from A to B by bike, a long walk or a challenging yoga session, as long as I can be in the present moment. I was able to experience what yoga can do to you when you are out of balance. After being burned out during my job, I noticed while recovering from this, that yoga is the perfect tool to get back into your own balance.

My story

After a study as a florist and a study in logistics, I worked in the aviation and coffee industry. After several positions at two great companies, I wanted to broaden my horizon. I packed my bags and went into the world. Because I had become interested in yoga and everything related to it, my journey started in Rishikesh, India. At the foot of the Himalayas is the Abhayaranya Yoga Ashram where I followed my three weeks of yoga teacher training. Every day was dominated by yoga lessons and teaching, the anatomy of the body and learning more about Hinduism.

In these weeks I have discovered what yoga does – on a mental and physical level – when practiced regularly and decided to share it with more people when I get home. After my trip, I started teaching yoga every week, which gave me great satisfaction and pleasure. In addition, I also started working in logistics again, but soon I noticed that this was no longer the job that gave me energy and I got burned out. Something had to change! The decision to start my own yoga business was therefore a logical step.

Giving people a nice and vital feeling when they step off the mat, that’s the most important thing. Yoga is a form of exercise that anyone can do. It helps you to be present in the moment – which has become even more important in our fast-paced society and which many of us are still struggling with. With wego.yoga, my mission is to help people clear their heads and have fun while moving in order to create more balance in life.